According to Review Rabbit, the Scribbler Duo is the perfect choice for an artist. You will surely marvel at the two separate nozzles that can work side by side using different filaments. This certainly takes the creativity of artists to another level. It would be mean of me if I didn’t mention that this is the world’s first double nozzle 3D pen. 

The double nozzle is beneficial in two main ways. First, it allows you to simultaneously draw with 2 different colors. This isn’t at all comparable to overlay one colour with another one. Secondly, it takes half the time to fill a given surface with the plastic strands as you would take using a single nozzle 3D pen.

Don’t let the double nozzle make you think the 3D pen is complex to operate. It is surprisingly very easy to use. You feed the filaments through the rear end just like with other 3D pens. Press the advance button and see the magic unfold. 

The pen comes with its own set of filaments, but it can also be used with other filaments – 1.75 mm in diameter. The 6 level  speed adjustment button adds to the positive reputation of the pen. 

Adults as well as kids can comfortably use this pen. It weighs a mere 2.125 pounds and is 9.5 inches long. On top of that, the manufacturer ensured the design is ergonomic enough to avoid straining of your hand as you use it. 

Whether you are an experienced professional artist or one just starting out, you will greatly boost your spatial reasoning skills with the Scribbler Duo.   

What is the best 3D pen to buy?

Away from the Scribbler Duo, the 3Doodler Create+ has found a special place in the hearts of many creatives – makers, hobbyists, DIYers, and artists alike. Retailing at about 80 bucks, I assure you you will get good value for money.

I won’t be wrong to term it a miniature 3D printer.  It is smartly designed to feel like an actual pencil in your hand.

It comes with a total of 75 feet PLA and ABS filaments to immediately usher you into the 3D printing world. 

The manufacturer made it even more hi-tech by introducing the 3Doodle app. The stencils are displayed on your phone’s screen rather than on paper. 

The latest models also come with 6 interchangeable nozzles, each with a different extrusion characteristic. You can also dig deeper into your pocket and get a detailed project book for everything 3D. 

What is the cheapest 3D pen?

Regarding the cheapest 3D pen, I’d rather not mention specific brands. You see, the cheapest pens are definitely from little known brands that you may never have heard of. Speaking generally, you can get some 3D pens with less than 10 dollars. That to me is cheap. From that category we move to the mid-range 3D pens costing between 20 and 50 dollars. On the higher side, we have high end brands like the 3Doodler Create+ which set you back by any amount between 50 and 100 USD.