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I will give you step-by-step tips from the very basics today to learning how to do tricks to den steps to assess combos

now I’m going to start with the very very basic

I am going to talk about pushing breaking all that kind of stuff Oxford

you let’s get started alright and the first thing we’re going to talk about today is your stance so in general

there are two kinds of skaters, ones which are left foot forward this is called regular


when you put your right foot forward that’s so goofy

how do you know which you should put in front of you

I always tell people to walk and just flip on a slippery surface or abs right and what you sucked at home or something and switch you put in front of you then will be your friend and yet

if it goes for your exit be either we know what air sends is they treat other things who need to talk about it that’s riding switch riding fakie and writing body

and the first thing is the switch position

so the switch position is really clearly just when you’re switching to the other spin

when you normally goofy you go to the regular and you’re now right switch

if you’re normally regular you go to goofy you’re writing 42 so that’s pretty clear to try to switch and the second thing is body position the 90 positions is when you stand in your normal stance and you just move to your notes so without making 180 or something just moving your teacher you know

now you are in fact in the lighting position and then the safety position of the last position is when you send in your normal stance you make one Asia and then you go to your note so for some people as a basic the position is easier to learn tricks like physics and shove it for me

yours way easier for their safety for some people it’s easier to earn a the anodic position that’s something completely personal

if you see a trick tip and their teaching is its baby in your like office easier body for I just to an audience doesn’t matter at all extensive Omnitrix especially in the beginning so yes those are the stances

let’s go to the second one

alright, we know our stance is sent to writer longboard and the first the thing that we learn is how to push

the pushing is just you getting up and getting some speed and of course, it’s really important that you know how to do

it so some tips on it

pushing it pretty much like walking she just has one foot on the board

you can practice it by just walking off the award’s setting once Mohammed your front foot, of course, some people will put their back foot on the board and push with their front foot it’s called Mongo and the end kind of like

I’ve already suggested you learning out in which what your front foot on the board it doesn’t really matter that much where you will proudly thank me if you learn it that way just trust me on that one

you just walk up to your board and set your front foot on the front of your board, you go to unique you set your back foot on the ground

just take off just like that you just pushed and now you can fit your back foot back on the board and you put it perpendicular with the length of the board that you’re more stable and then after that the next step and the left that is shifting your front foot 90 degrees to so that you’re now would you feed perpendicular to the length of the board and you’re very stable has to go carve and just cruising along with work

that is the most stable position that you can do on long work and then push again

you just knew to reverse movement when you put your front foot parallel with the length of the board again go to you again maybe you want to check if you’re a stable first

you want to check if you can stand on the front hoods below when you are balanced than just going to your knee again set your backs on the ground push and just do it all over again and that yeah whoo men are you skinny and by the way, this will be very weird at first but as you view it a lot

this will come become second nature and you won’t have to think about it anymore so that’s a refund and then next up we’re going to talk about carving

so carving or a card is to make a turn, so this is for me the most fun part of longboarding this guy like separates is for skating for me, a kiss is that surface feeling you get when you’re carving so in general, just stand with your two feets perpendicular to the length of the board and then you try playing what’s your bodyweight

if you put your body weight to the front of your boards your toe side edge then you’ll make a solar size car to do the heel size to make a heel size guard

of course, you want to go through your knees though if this will make you more stable on the board and yeah just like that you can carve  if you reach this point

incase of,  you are in just cruising along more just have fun and I think it’s essential that you don’t brush into trying tricks and you take your time to just get used to the board me personally